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The Garlic project was born in Resia, but also PressPhoneOne. a device equipped with artificial intelligence (there are three patents inside it, digital journalist; newsworthiness algorithm; product design): in shape it resembles a 1950s telephone, in black Bakelite.
It is a new concept of a phone: you talk to it, you dictate to it the news of a journalistic nature, which, to be considered as such, must answer the 5Ws: who, what, when, where and why.
Two artificial intelligence algorithms (Delphina and Camille) process the news that is launched to the media (news outlets).
Design means functionality, along with the aesthetic and form characteristics of an object.
PressPhoneOne represents, par excellence, a design object.
Garlic signs a true line of objects that come from industry. PressPhoneOne is for companies, businesses and people who have news of a journalistic nature to communicate and get published.
Behind it is the news outlet ‘Ti Lancio,’ which guarantees the quality of the news disseminated. By quality is meant the journalistic value of the news, which distinguishes a simple printed matter, from the press: communication of a journalistic nature, with to all intents and purposes, rules of law and ethics, which regulate such text and its dissemination, as well as its contents. PressPhoneOne allows the use of the service offered by the newspaper – daily press agency – Ti Lancio.
It creates and disseminates for you, the news that you make us prevent with a ‘phone call’ from PressPhoneOne and we make sure that it is published by the media, Italian or international, depending on the type of news.


PressPhoneOne in Subscription Economy – by subscription

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