In Resia, a special place.
It is located in the province of Udine, but because of the language spoken there, it could be in Russia. The language, Resian, is not a dialect, but a language with its own idioms, very similar to Russian. Garlic Srl, is a company that was born with this name, precisely in Resia, because in this land garlic (‘strock’ in Resian) is cultivated, a typical and precious product of which Resians are proud.
The Garlic logo depicts the garlic’s basal sheaths sprouting from the underground bulbous part of the fruit, representing them as a precious crown, a jewel that Resians are proud of.


Garlic and Ti Lancio, the newspaper published by Froogs Srl, are both based in Resia. Our retail shop is located in the small mountain village in the valley of the same name. Inside a structure that we have completely renovated.
The ‘little church’ is our headquarters; we called it that because it was, for twenty years, the site of a Catholic parish church.
The ‘little church’ was built in an emergency period, after the earthquake in Friuli, in 1976. It was a church, it was a place of welcome for those who lost their homes. It was a place of hope. Such it must remain.
The ‘little church’ is now a place for sharing, sharing the vision that led to the creation of the objects that make up our catalogue.
In the ‘little church’ there is a small permanent exhibition open to the public, by appointment, and a retail shop.
The ‘little church’ was refurbished using tiles from Sassuolo (Modena). decorated with palm trees from Los Angeles, where the well-known television series ‘Lieutenant Colombo’ was set.

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